Who We Are

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Jason Moore & David Breckenridge

Jason Moore is a designer who is truly gifted in the fine art of creating customized environments. The son of a well-known designer, it could be said he was born into the world of interior design. Before opening his firm in 2001, he worked as a staff designer at his family’s furniture store. It was there he learned about furniture integrity and quality and how to make sensitive, yet adventurous decisions for his clients; many of whom continue with the firm today.

In 2001, David Breckenridge teamed up with Jason to create Jason Moore & Associates and is now a principle designer and the managing director of the firm. Early on, David was surrounded by thoughtful design, with first studying at Cranbrook, designed by Eero Saarinen.  Then later at the Glasgow School of Fine Arts, designed by Charles Mackintosh. Both of these architects excelled in continuity of design; a practice at the core of JMA’s work today.  David then went on to earn a degree in Art and Design from the prestigious Design, Art, Architecture and Planning school of the University of Cincinnati.  Soon after, David entered into a 3-year apprenticeship with the renowned artist Nam June Paik. His career then took him to Chicago where he worked in several prominent art galleries. This experience enables David to provide customers valuable art consultation. Expertise in both art and lighting design make David an essential contributor to each design project.  Also, as a trained chef, David has keen insight to kitchen design and functionality.

Since its inception, Jason Moore & Associates has overseen projects in Illinois, Florida, Wyoming and the West Indies. JMA has the benefit of drawing inspiration from these projects in the Caribbean and the mountain west, and brings the color, warmth and comfort of those diverse settings into their interior designs. Their passion for interiors and antiquities makes their look decidedly eclectic, as they believe classic design styles are better mixed than matched.

Color is essential to JMA’s design work, and they use it boldly and unerringly. Adventurous combinations of color and pattern define their lively yet sophisticated environments. JMA pairs that approach with a strong appreciation for traditional design and the understanding of modern sensibilities. The resulting rooms are at once unexpected and reassuring.

Primarily, Jason Moore & Associates focuses on its client’s personal residences, but, on occasion, they extend their talents into commercial work. Notably, they are currently restoring the clubhouse of a 1920’s golf club to its original splendor. Whether they are designing an opulent French living room, or a contemporary urban office space, attention to detail and affinity for luxury are JMA’s trademarks.

JMA’s clients find their guidance and discerning eye invaluable as they are guided through each step of the design process. JMA has maintained the philosophy that all the beautiful furniture in the world does not make a beautiful room. The “bones” of a room must be made beautiful at the very beginning by improving the room’s symmetry and structural basics, renovating as necessary and adding architectural details. JMA derives great satisfaction from seeing a client grasp the vision of their home’s potential as the elements of the design, planning and foresight all come together. Jason Moore & Associates values their clients. They know that it is this joint effort that allows their ideas to take shape and transform each space into a uniquely wonderful room.